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Fran “Perk” Eller, pictured here next  to the sign “White Tail Ridge”, made many years ago by  daughter Chuckie and husband Clair Haeg of Foreston, MN, both talented artisans..

Grandma Perk July 2005 next to main barn

"A good name is more desirable than great riches..." - Ecclesiastes 7:1

White Tail Ridge

Eller Family Farm

 Richie and Fran Eller began building the farm in 1947 with 20 acres, recycled boards, tarpaper, and a dream.

The first milk cow gave birth to a small dairy, the beef  ranch grew, horses were always included, sheep for wool were added, and pigs, chickens, goats, and  rabbits, cats and dogs  were  frequent companions.

The farm garden is in the same spot, enriched through the years with only the best natural fertilizer.

Both Rich and Fran worked in town while caring for the land, the animals, and raising 3 daughters.   The youngest, Barb and her husband, Paul, return now  to the farm. Lord willing and friends helping, they will continue the Eller  legacy of  stewardship on the now 140 acres of farm and forest.

The farm restarted in 2002 with beef, diversified with poultry in 2003, and pork in 2004. We began raising heirloom Galloway beef in 2005 and Tamworth hogs in 2008. We helped start the Isle Area Farmers’ Market in 2006 and the Onamia Area Farmers’ Market in 2009. We’ll be working to expand our local food system and contribute to restoring our rural prosperity.


We manage the farm without chemicals or pesticides and use only natural fertilizers. Animals are raised without implanted hormones or antibiotics. Those that require it, get only certified or transitional organic grains.


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...recycled boards, tarpaper, and a dream.

Farm History