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Wizard, Purebred Tamworth Boar with his Fall 2010 Piglets

Eller Family Farm

Products-Update 3.27.11

Prices subject to change. Call/email for most current.

Reserve payment required at time of order.*

*Note: Reserve payments help us avoid expensive operating loans thus keeping our prices down. The reserve payment is refundable if we do not deliver or for unforeseen Acts of God that require you to cancel. However, if you decide to cancel, the reserve payment is only refundable 30 days prior to butcher.

**For direct pick-up by client by appointment.

Pick-up inspected meats from the farm by appointment. Also available at the Mille Lacs Food Coop, Isle, MN. Prices may vary.

MN Inspected grass-fed ground beef (from the whole animal)**

Sold Out

USDA Ground Pork**


USDA Fresh Pork Brats**

$5.44/ 1.2# pound 6 pack


USDA ground unrendered lard**

$2.60/pound (package of ~10#)

USDA Wieners, Pastured pork & grass-fed beef, fully cooked, smoked, no nitrites, no MSG, no fillers**

$4.56/ 0.6 pound 6 pack

USDA Boneless Ham, smoked without nitrites, no MSG**

$4.24/pound (packages ~3.5#)

USDA Bacon, no nitrites, no MSG**


Galloway-Hereford Beef—by quarter, half, whole

Available  ~Spring & October 2011


hanging weight

Plus slaughter fee and custom processing fee

Reserve payment: $150/quarter

Free-Range  Broilers**

Available ~August & Nov 2011



plus processing fee

(frozen & vacuum packed)

Reserve payment: $5/bird

Tamworth Pork—by half/whole

Available ~Spring 2011


hanging weight plus slaughter fee and custom processing

Reserve payment: $300/hog

  Fresh Plymouth Rock/Buff Orpington brown eggs**




  Garden Produce

In Season at Onamia, MN Farmers’ Market

“Eat Well Naturally” and

“Happy Critters” apparel, mugs, tiles, and more.

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