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We grow all vegetables and fruits without pesticides. So far our garden always includes vegetables that we and the animals like so nothing goes to waste.† Fertilizer is our own cow-horse-chicken-hog compost. Pest management includes nasturtiums (good to eat, too), marigolds, and the beneficial insects that thrive in the garden when no pesticides are used. Unwanted forbe (weed) control is done with a hoe and generous mulching. The garden frequently takes back seat to the needs of the animals, so garden produce is usually limited. Call/email for availability.

The 2011 forest garden is under planning!


Grandma Perk at her Red Garden Gate 2005Text Box: Perkís Farm Garden

Home grown without pesticides or other chemicals

Eller Family Farm

Garden Produce

In 2011 we will be marketing produce at the Onamia Area Farmersí Market, May -October.† Hope to see you there!

You are closer to Godís heart in a garden† than anywhere else on earth.

~Dorothy Frances Gurney