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Recipes for Health—Farm Food Safety

while waiting for harvest. I hold the chickens off feed for 12 hours to reduce the possibility of meat contamination during slaughter. Frozen chickens are picked up from the processor and transported in covered containers directly to the customer within 2 hours. Rarely, on farm slaughter of chickens is done. It is only done during very cool days of spring/fall. Carcasses are promptly cooled with tested well water (40 degree F) and customers must pick up their order immediately after harvest and chilling IAW MDA rules.

USDA/MMIP inspected meats are frozen at the processor (Foley Locker, Foley, MN or McDonald’s Meats, Clear Lake, MN), transported in covered boxes to our NSF commercial freezer, stored in our MDA inspected trailer or in a MDA inspected locker in Onamia. Our freezer is checked daily and the below 0 temperature recorded. Meats are held for 1 year or less in below zero temperatures to ensure quality. During transport to the farmers’ markets, freezer operation is ensured with batteries. Meat that is allowed to thaw is never refrozen nor sold. I am licensed as a Food Handler by the MDA.

Eggs are cleaned, candled, graded, and labeled IAW MDA and USDA rules when sold at the farmers’ markets and groceries. Eggs older than 1 week old are not held nor sold to anyone. I am designated by the MDA as an Exempt Processor for both egg grading and sales and poultry slaughter and sales direct to consumers. I am governed by MN Statutes section 29, MN Rules 1520 and PL 490 labeling requirements.

Chemical free, good husbandry, cleanliness, adherence to statutes and rules—keys to food safety and health.

The farm food safety plan starts with raising all the animals and garden produce without pesticides (this term includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides). Antibiotics are not used unless absolutely necessary for treatment of disease. Only those animals that have not received antibiotics are sold as meat. Homeopathic remedies frequently work just as well and without the side-effects of antibiotics. Good animal husbandry works even better. Crystal Creek Natural Veterinary herbal products and Probiotics are used for parasite control, respiratory maladies, and diarrhea in our youngsters.

On farm harvest of animals is done during the cool days of spring/fall by a professional Butcher, keeping the carcass clean during the process. Carcasses are transported promptly to the MN custom processor, arriving within 4 hours of harvest.

Chickens are transported live to the MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) inspected processor and held in separate cages from other poultry

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When it gets here, we will celebrate Spring with all of you! Easter Blessings to all!

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